Data & Documents

Date Title Sort descending Type Author Mentor(s)
14.07.2014 A literature review on conditions for effective partnerships, compared to the Humidtropics program and practices. BSc Yanick Bakker C. Leeuwis, K. Descheemaeker
01.02.2015 Agro-ecological intensification of mixed crop-livestock systems in Bougouni, Southern Mali MSc Youfei Xu Katrien Descheemaeker, Mary Ollenburger
30.11.2016 Allometric equations for biomass and yield predictions of coffee, enset and khat in Southern Ethiopia BSc Matheo Mourik Gerrie van de Ven, Katrien Descheemaker, Beyene Teklu Mellisse
30.06.2017 An evaluation of the nitrogen surplus indicator for suppliers of agricultural products to Unilever MSc Bas Mertens Gerrie van de Ven, Ken Giller
21.11.2017 An exploratory data analysis on field differences in potato growth Internship Puck Mulders Pytrik Reidsma, Edwin van den Heuvel
14.11.2016 Analysing potato tubers by means of Image Analysis Internship Luuk Lageschaar Michiel de Vries, Bert Rijk, Gerrie van de Ven
14.03.2018 Analysing the Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Management on Recovery and Physiological Efficiency in Maize: A Meta-Analysis MSc Marleen Hermelink Martin van Ittersum, Hein ten Berge.
28.02.2016 Analysing the relationship between stem density and potato yield MSc Ruud Venner Pytrik Reidsma
01.04.2015 Application of SWAP-WOFOST to evaluate the influence of water and oxygen stress on potato yield in a Dutch farm MSc Yulin Yan Pytrik Reidsma, Joop Kroes
23.06.2017 aquaponics Ethiopia Internship Bouke Kappers Harm Boesveld and Maja Slingerland
23.06.2017 assess resource use efficiency in aquaponics to provide food secuirty and improve quality of life of households in shawe robit ethiopia Internship Luis Gerardo Rosado Loria maja Slingerland
08.12.2016 Assessing the economic and environmental effects of land exchange on arable farms using a regional bio-economic model MSc Kohji Nakasaka Pytrik Reidsma, Argyris Kanellopoulos
16.08.2016 Baseline study for implementation of best management practices (BMPs) by oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) smallholders in the village of Ramin, Jambi, Indonesia MSc Laurie van Reemst Maja Slingerland, Lotte Woittiez
30.06.2014 Calibration of the FIELD model describing soil organic carbon dynamics for south-Malian soils. BSc Renske Anema Katrien Descheemaeker
30.06.2007 Cattle feeding strategies and manure management in smallholder farms of western Kenya MSc Antonio Castellanos Navarrete Pablo Tittonell, Mariana Rufino, Ken E. Giller
01.08.2015 Climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivation and its diffusion in Kapchorwa District, Uganda Internship J.R.N.M. Hüskens Esther Ronner
01.06.2015 Collecting data for LINTUL model of winter wheat in the Netherlands Internship Site Huang Bert Rijk, Gerrie van de Ven
01.06.2015 Comparing bio-economic farm models: evaluating uncertainty of impacts of climate and socio-economic changes on arable farming in Flevoland (the Netherlands) MSc Yutaka Tsutsumi Pytrik Reidsma, Argyris Kanellopoulos
01.12.2014 Cowpea-maize relay cropping: A method for sustainable agricultural intensification in northern Ghana? MSc Wytze Marinus A.C. Franke, K.E. Giller
29.05.2018 Deploying indicators to measure the impact of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt disease in Uganda MSc Harmen den Braber Katrien Descheemaeker
06.02.2017 Determining potential yields of cereals using variety trial data across Europe MSc Luuk Lageschaar René Schils, Lenny van Bussel
13.09.2017 Environmental resource use as a source of food security for Ugandan smallholders, a case study in Nwoya district MSc Kamran Taherkani Jannike Wichern, Katrien Descheemaeker
31.10.2017 Estimating maize macronutrient uptake gaps from yield gaps. MSc Tijmen Nander Kerstens S.C. de Vries, Martin van Ittersum
15.04.2016 Evaluating famers' decision making on choosing technologies and practices in adaptation trials Internship Kohji Nakasaka J. van Heerwaarden, K. Descheemaeker
23.06.2017 Evaluating Impacts and Analyzing factors determining food security and technology Innovation of the Agricultural Skills for You (AS4Y) project in West Nile sub-region, Uganda MSc Lusha Wen maja slingerland
10.12.2016 Evaluation of biomass enhancing practices in the Yatenga region of Burkina Faso MSc Jori Bremer Katrien Descheemaeker, Wim Paas
31.10.2017 Evaluation of experimental maize response curves with the use of Quefts BSc Najim El Harchioui Dr A.G.T. Schut and Dr J. Rurinda
18.04.2016 Explaining yield gaps of cereals in temperate regions using an expert-based survey MSc Emilio Lopez-Porrero Pytrik Reidsma, Sander de Vries
23.09.2015 Explaining yield gaps on a Dutch potato farm: Case study at van den Borne Aardappelen MSc Jarno Rietema Pytrik Reidsma, João Vasco Silva
01.08.2015 Exploring the application of crop growth models for Aviko B.V. Internship Yulin Yan Pytrik Reidsma, Wiert Wiertsema
30.09.2007 Fodder legumes to reduce feed deficit of dairy cows during the hot dry season: A feeding trial under farming conditions in Koutiala, Mali. MSc Yann Vetois Dr. Ir. Nico de Ridder, Ir. Mariana Rufino
01.02.2015 From Plants to Animal Protein: Are Farmed Insects and Aquaculture Fish Less Competitive with Human Food Production than Traditional Livestock? MSc Jan Hüskens Martin van Ittersum, Gerrie van de Ven Wageningen University
30.08.2017 How does Conservation Agriculture contribute to sustainable agricultural production systems? MSc Pim Vingerhoets Gerrie van de Ven, Conny Almekinders
26.01.2016 Identifying the causes of differences in unexploited starch production in two important tuber bulking months between growers’ starch potato fields MSc Jarno G. Rietema Pytrik Reidsma, Bert Rijk, Jans Klok (Avebe)
15.07.2016 Improving crop classification with landscape stratification based on MODIS-time series MSc Bart C.H. Driessens A.G.T. Schut & L. Kooistra
27.01.2017 Inherent motivations and impediments to the adoption of innovative practices and technologies by farmers: An empirical analysis from northern Ghana MSc Shaibu Mellon Jeroen Groot (FSE), Katrien Descheemaeker (PPS)
17.03.2016 Internship: Findings on: Environmental impact in Dutch arable farming, experimental data on soybean yield potential, the yield gaps of sugarcane and sugar beet, and N2Africa baseline studies. Internship Tijmen Nander Kerstens Martin van Ittersum, Katrien Descheemaeker
14.10.2013 Jatropha curcas L. accessions in central-Java, Indonesia; A selection for future breeding programs. MSc Clint Scholten J.Tjeuw, M.Slingerland
04.07.2017 Light and nutrient capture by common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and maize (Zea mays L.) in the Northern Highlands of Tanzania MSc Eva Thuijsman Ken Giller, Lammert Bastiaans
26.05.2016 Mitigation of the climate change effect on yields of smallholder farmers in Nkayi, Zimbabwe MSc Gert-Jan Smelt Katrien Descheemaeker, Patricia Masikati (ICRAF)
23.01.2016 Modeling the nitrogen uptake to balance lettuce and carp growth in an aquaponic system MSc Chiara Perini A.G.T. Schut, E. heuvelink
23.06.2017 modelling nitrogen uptake, fish growth, plant dry matter and water quality in an aquaponic system producing Lactuca sativa and Leuciscus idus MSc Luis Gerardo Rosado Loria Maja Slingerland
25.01.2017 N2Africa Project Review Internship Lisa Piper Minke Stadler, Ken Giller
30.10.2017 Nitrogen and energy use efficiency of biogas residues in a fertilization trial with three winter wheat cultivars in Italy MSc Ludovica Zampieri Gerrie van de Ven, Bert Rijk
01.01.2015 Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Root Growth in Response to Different Fertilization Practices BSc Violace Putri Maja Slingerland, Lotte Woittiez
01.07.2015 Opportunities and constraints for climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivation by smallholder farmers in the Ugandan highlands MSc Wytze Marinus E. Ronner, K.K.E. Descheemaeker
30.04.2016 Quantification of spatial variation caused by Messor galla ants using remote sensing in the Koutiala region, Mali. MSc Fréderíc de Schaetzen A.G.T. Schut, P.C.S. Traoré, I. Heitkoning
30.11.2013 Role of crop residue biomass in farming systems in the Volta Basin in Burkina Faso. BSc Jori Bremer Katrien Descheemaeker
17.03.2017 Smallholder oil palm: space for diversification? MSc D. Stomph Prof. Meine van Noordwijk, Dr Ni’matul Khasanah, Dr Antonius G.T. Schut
10.10.2015 SOIL CONSTRAINTS’ IMPACT ON WHEAT YIELDS IS CLIMATE DEPENDENT Internship Rachel Schipper Dr. Zvi Hochman (CSIRO), Dr. Martin van Ittersum (WUR)
31.12.2002 Soil fertility gradients in smallholder farms of western Kenya. Their origin, magnitude and importance. MSc Pablo Tittonell Ken Giller
16.08.2016 Sowing dates based on sowing date windows, rules and results from WOFOST for maize in Kenya and Ethiopia BSc Dan Liu Lenny van Bussel
30.09.2007 SPATIO-TEMPORAL ANALYSIS OF FEED RESOURCE AVAILABILITY AND NUTRIENT TRANSFERS THROUGH ANIMAL MANAGEMENT: A case study of smallholder farming system in Murewa, Zimbabwe. MSc Dury Jérôme Ir. Mariana Rufino, Dr. Ir. Mark van Wijk, Dr. Ir. Alexander Wezel
28.02.2018 Stomatal conductance and chlorophyll fluorescence of oil palm under field conditions MSc Dhimas H. Putranto Maja Slingerland; Lotte Suzanne Woittiez
13.01.2015 Studying the effect of soil heterogeneity on simulated maize yields BSc Hilde Vaessen Dr. J. van Heerwaarden, Dr. A. G. T. Schut
30.03.2018 Sustainability analysis of urban farms in the Netherlands: first steps Internship Elpida Theodosiadou Gerrie van de Ven, Jan Hassink
06.02.2017 Sustainability assessment of grain legume farming systems MSc Thomas van Duijvenboden Wytze Marinus, Gerrie van de Ven, Jan Hoekstra
08.03.2016 The effect of spatial variation within a field on yield response to fertilizer application BSc Alex van Klink A.G.T. Schut
18.01.2018 The effects of change in extreme climate events on agriculture in the Netherlands Internship Letizia Pondini Pytrik Reidsma, Wim Paas
28.07.2016 The effects of storage treatments on germination, emergence, moisture, hymexazol, and imidacloprid of primed, pelleted and coated sugar beet seeds (Beta vulgaris L.) Period: March-July 2016 Internship Martijn van Overveld Ing. H.C.A Rijk (WUR) Dr. A.C.P.M van Swaaij (IRS) Dr. A.G.M Leijdekkers (IRS)
09.11.2017 The SAFERNAC model: Evaluation, calibration and application for nutrient management in Rwandan coffee fields MSc Elpida Theodosiadou Dr A.G.T. Schut
28.02.2005 The suitability of the Bolovens Plateau, Lao PDR, for commercial forage seed production of two inter-specific Brachiaria hybrids, Mulato and Mulato 2 MSc Madeleen Husselman Ken Giller
01.07.2015 UAV imagery as tool to monitor crop growth in West Africa: A case study in a crop fertilization experiment Internship Bastiaen Boekelo Dr. ir. P. C. S. Traore, Dr. ir. A. G. T. Schut, Dr. ir. L Kooistra
16.08.2016 Understanding drivers behind the implementation and adaptation of improved climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) adaptation of improved climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) technologies by smallholder farmers in Kapchorwa district, Eastern Uganda BSc Laurie van Reemst E. Ronner, J. van Heerwaarden
20.09.2016 Understanding light interception in the field for improved yield predictions MSc Cass Gooskens A.G.T. Schut, P.C.S. Traoré
30.11.2017 Verification and Development of Best Management Practices for United States Department of Agriculture - Certified Organic Carrots in the Sandy Soil of Florida’s Suwannee Valley Internship Ludovica Zampieri Gerrie van de Ven, Bert Rijk
31.05.2016 What comes out, must go in: Macronutrient balance assessment of transitioning home garden systems in southern Ethiopia MSc Nadine Galle Gerrie van de Ven, Katrien Descheemaeker, Beyene Melisse, Erik Cammeraat
11.04.2016 Yield gaps in Romania MSc Richard Knol René Schils
01.07.2014 Yield variability analysis of cropping system in Southern Mali MSc Lame, Alice Katrien Descheemaeker, Gatien Falconnier