Data & Documents

Date Title Type Sort descending Author Mentor(s)
19.12.2012 The costs and benefits of the implementation of agri-environment schemes by farmers in the Baakse Beek area BSc Rutger Karssing Pytrik Reidsma
30.11.2013 Role of crop residue biomass in farming systems in the Volta Basin in Burkina Faso. BSc Jori Bremer Katrien Descheemaeker
30.03.2011 Legumes in tropical intercropping systems BSc Frederik van der Bom Not known (by 2018)
16.08.2016 Sowing dates based on sowing date windows, rules and results from WOFOST for maize in Kenya and Ethiopia BSc Dan Liu Lenny van Bussel
28.03.2012 Production strategies for integrated livestock and arable farming in Koutiala, Mali BSc Miriam Breure Nico de Ridder
30.06.2014 Calibration of the FIELD model describing soil organic carbon dynamics for south-Malian soils. BSc Renske Anema Katrien Descheemaeker
14.07.2014 A literature review on conditions for effective partnerships, compared to the Humidtropics program and practices. BSc Yanick Bakker C. Leeuwis, K. Descheemaeker
08.03.2016 The effect of spatial variation within a field on yield response to fertilizer application BSc Alex van Klink A.G.T. Schut
07.03.2012 The role of residual soil phosphorus in crop production in Asia BSc Hanna Kool Sheida Sattari, Martin van Ittersum
30.11.2016 Allometric equations for biomass and yield predictions of coffee, enset and khat in Southern Ethiopia BSc Matheo Mourik Gerrie van de Ven, Katrien Descheemaker, Beyene Teklu Mellisse
23.03.2012 The effects of potassium nutrition on growth of East African highland banana BSc Annet Westhoek Peter Leffelaar
13.01.2015 Studying the effect of soil heterogeneity on simulated maize yields BSc Hilde Vaessen Dr. J. van Heerwaarden, Dr. A. G. T. Schut
23.03.2012 Quantifying Dynamic Water and Nutrient Uptake of Banana (Musa spp.) root systems, a model approach BSc Rob van Gemert Not known
01.02.2012 Which areas on the globe are most suitable for growing mungbean? BSc Jos Smallegange Bert Rijk
08.07.2011 The effect of competition on rooting patterns of plants in semi-arid systems: an analysis of a unified model of soil type, climate and leaf area index BSc Laurens .J. Kilsdonk Mark van Wijk
31.10.2017 Evaluation of experimental maize response curves with the use of Quefts BSc Najim El Harchioui Dr A.G.T. Schut and Dr J. Rurinda
31.07.2012 Assessing the production-ecological sustainability of biofuel crops in Limburg, the Netherlands BSc Jan Hüskens Gerrie van de Ven
13.08.2010 Input-output relations of Miscanthus cropping systems in Europe for liquid biofuel purposes BSc Aart van der Linden Sander de Vries, Gerrie van de Ven
13.02.2012 Crop residue management to enhance crop production on smallholder farms in Manica Province, Mozambique BSc Viktor Valk Gerrie van de Ven, Wilson Leonardo
07.03.2014 Mulch dynamics in East African Highland Banana plantations BSc Rianne Prinsen Peter Leffelaar, Godfrey Taulya
01.08.2015 Climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivation and its diffusion in Kapchorwa District, Uganda Internship J.R.N.M. Hüskens Esther Ronner
14.03.2016 Project focus on cultivation - Effect of pH on sugar beet yield Internship Philippe Packbier Tom Schut, Gerrie van de Ven
29.01.2014 Aquaponics Internship Jiska van Vliet Klaas Evers, Peter Leffelaar
18.01.2018 The effects of change in extreme climate events on agriculture in the Netherlands Internship Letizia Pondini Pytrik Reidsma, Wim Paas
01.06.2015 Collecting data for LINTUL model of winter wheat in the Netherlands Internship Site Huang Bert Rijk, Gerrie van de Ven
19.07.2016 Measuring more or less? Internship Bianca Doevendans Pytrik Reidsma, Gerrie van de Ven
09.07.2014 Soil Quality Assessment of Tillage and Crop Rotation Impacts in Paysandú, Uruguay Internship Wiert Wiertsema Martin van Ittersum, Oswaldo Ernst
10.03.2010 Multifunctional agriculture: effects of agri-environment schemes on biodiversity in Dutch landscape Internship Rita Somuah Roel Jongeneel, Martin van Ittersum
10.10.2015 SOIL CONSTRAINTS’ IMPACT ON WHEAT YIELDS IS CLIMATE DEPENDENT Internship Rachel Schipper Dr. Zvi Hochman (CSIRO), Dr. Martin van Ittersum (WUR)
31.07.2014 Overview on climate-smart agriculture: Impacts of climate change on agriculture in Brazil and prospects on mitigation and adaptation strategies Internship Marije Hoogendoorn Patricia de Vries-van Loon, Jan Verhagen, Peter Leffelaar
14.07.2014 Benchmarking agronomic use efficiency of N fertilizer in sub-Sahara Africa— Inventory and analyses of data from maize fertilizer trials Internship Na Wang Joost Wolf, Huib Hengsdijk
14.08.2018 Achieving a sustainable seed supply for Farm Frites Egypt in terms of quality and quantity Internship Rick Rasenberg Pytrik Reidsma, Rick Wesdorp
12.04.2011 Crop residue management practices and farm productivity in smallholder crop-livestock mixed farming system: a case study in Kobo, Ethiopia Internship Hailu Diressie Not known (by 2018)
30.11.2017 Verification and Development of Best Management Practices for United States Department of Agriculture - Certified Organic Carrots in the Sandy Soil of Florida’s Suwannee Valley Internship Ludovica Zampieri Gerrie van de Ven, Bert Rijk
12.08.2011 Farmer’s trial legume technology evaluation in the districts of Mchinji and Salima in Central Malawi Internship Kondwani Khonje Linus Franke
30.03.2018 Sustainability analysis of urban farms in the Netherlands: first steps Internship Elpida Theodosiadou Gerrie van de Ven, Jan Hassink
28.10.2011 A comparison of the use of bean stakes in northern Rwanda Internship Lotte (C.J.) Klapwijk Frans Bongers, Ken Giller, Speciose Kantengwa
26.01.2016 Identifying the causes of differences in unexploited starch production in two important tuber bulking months between growers’ starch potato fields Internship Jarno G. Rietema Pytrik Reidsma, Bert Rijk, Jans Klok (Avebe)
28.07.2016 The effects of storage treatments on germination, emergence, moisture, hymexazol, and imidacloprid of primed, pelleted and coated sugar beet seeds (Beta vulgaris L.) Period: March-July 2016 Internship Martijn van Overveld Ing. H.C.A Rijk (WUR) Dr. A.C.P.M van Swaaij (IRS) Dr. A.G.M Leijdekkers (IRS)
24.10.2012 Field survey of winter wheat production in Shandong province during April 2012 Internship Ming Lu Martin van Ittersum
14.11.2016 Analysing potato tubers by means of Image Analysis Internship Luuk Lageschaar Michiel de Vries, Bert Rijk, Gerrie van de Ven
17.03.2016 Internship: Findings on: Environmental impact in Dutch arable farming, experimental data on soybean yield potential, the yield gaps of sugarcane and sugar beet, and N2Africa baseline studies. Internship Tijmen Nander Kerstens Martin van Ittersum, Katrien Descheemaeker
13.08.2012 Climate change impact on crop yields in Viet Nam Internship Kiki Kartikasari Michiel van Dijk (LEI), Pytrik Reidsma
16.05.2011 Internship report on household characterisation Rwanda Internship Moritz Reckling Ken Giller
15.07.2013 nSoya nSoya nSoya nSoya nSoya ni Pesai Pesai Pesai Pesai Pesai Internship Frederik van der Bom Ken Giller
24.02.2014 Farmers’ practices and value chain of climbing bean production in South Western Uganda Internship Mirjam S Breure, Hanna Kool Esther Ronner, Peter Ebanyat
23.08.2013 Investigating soybean market situation in Western Kenya: constraints and opportunities for smallholder producers Internship Robin .N. Collombet Frederick Baijukya, Esther Ronner
31.12.2010 Suikerbieten voor Bioenergie Internship Erwin Boogaard AC Hanse, AWM Huijbregts (Both IRS) Gerrie van de Ven
17.08.2012 Qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of macro and micronutrient deficiencies in soils across three agro-ecological environments of northern Nigeria using the double-pot technique Internship Samson Foli Linus Franke, Abdullahi Bala
24.09.2011 Verslag van mijn verblijf in Indonesië Internship Job Kuik Ken Giller, Thomas Fairhurst
12.12.2011 Suikerbietenteelt voor de productie van biogas Internship Anouk Vingerhoets ir. A.C. Hanse, ir. A.W.M. Huijbregts, Gerrie van de Ven
25.09.2013 First exploration of global phosphorus budgets in grasslands - The model explained Internship Ruben Martinez Lex Bouwman, Arthur Beusen
25.01.2017 N2Africa Project Review Internship Lisa Piper Minke Stadler, Ken Giller
25.01.2013 Methodology to judge biorefinery options in a bioenergy production chain Internship Igor Milosavljević Winfried Rijssenbeek, Gerrie van de Ven
12.01.2011 Suikerbieten voor Bioenergie Internship Erwin Boogaard Ir. A.C. Hanse – IRS, Ir. A.W.M. Huijbregts – IRS, Dr. Ir. G.W.J van de Ven
23.06.2017 assess resource use efficiency in aquaponics to provide food secuirty and improve quality of life of households in shawe robit ethiopia Internship Luis Gerardo Rosado Loria maja Slingerland
21.08.2013 A ‘nitrate in runoff’ experiment with two fertilizer treatments in a sugarcane paddock in the Herbert, Queensland, Australia Internship Wim Paas Peter Thorburn, Jody Biggs, Pytrik Reidsma
23.06.2017 aquaponics Ethiopia Internship Bouke Kappers Harm Boesveld and Maja Slingerland
30.09.1978 Parameters voor het populatiemode voor Pterostichus versicolor Internship Richard A. Daamen Not mentioned
01.07.2015 UAV imagery as tool to monitor crop growth in West Africa: A case study in a crop fertilization experiment Internship Bastiaen Boekelo Dr. ir. P. C. S. Traore, Dr. ir. A. G. T. Schut, Dr. ir. L Kooistra
05.08.2013 Comparing irrigation efficiency in the traditional approach and treated domestic wastewater on Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris sups. cicla), on a field situation in Durban, South Africa Internship Jeroen Postma Peter Leffelaar, Ken Giller
29.08.2014 Evaluation of topsoil organic carbon and clay content derived from digital soil mapping approaches (ISRIC and S-World) in Rwanda Internship Taruvinga Badza Tom Schut
29.08.2016 Conducting a seed potato field trial on the effect of seed tubers on ware potato yield. Internship Anton Bartelen Pytrik Reidsma, Joao Nunes Vieira da Silva
01.08.2015 Exploring the application of crop growth models for Aviko B.V. Internship Yulin Yan Pytrik Reidsma, Wiert Wiertsema
21.08.2014 Implementation of runoff within the Environmental Yardstick for Pesticides Internship Elise Bressers Gerrie van de Ven
20.02.2013 Literature review, questionnaire design and data analysis Internship Zhiyi Zhou Allard de Wit , Pytrik Reidsma
15.04.2016 Evaluating famers' decision making on choosing technologies and practices in adaptation trials Internship Kohji Nakasaka J. van Heerwaarden, K. Descheemaeker
22.03.2010 Use of ‘wild’ products by smallholder farmers, in relation to climate variability in Zimbabwe Internship Lotte Woittiez Mariana Rufino, Paul Mapfumo, Ken Giller
16.11.2016 Simulation of potato leaf area growth in The Netherlands Internship Gert-Jan Smelt Pytrik Reidsma, Leon Spätjens
21.11.2017 An exploratory data analysis on field differences in potato growth Internship Puck Mulders Pytrik Reidsma, Edwin van den Heuvel
29.01.2013 MSc internship report N2Africa in Zimbabwe Internship Caroline Chipomho Ken Giller, Judith de Wolf
23.03.2018 Sustainability analysis of urban farms in the Netherlands: first steps Internship Elpida Theodosiadou Gerrie van de Ven
10.02.2017 Adaptation of improved climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) technologies in the Ugandan highlands Internship Eva Thuijsman Esther Ronner, Joost van Heerwaarden
10.06.2010 Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from peatlands: Modelling the effects of water table management on emissions MSc Clifton Sabajo Peter Leffelaar
31.05.1971 Een inleidend onderszoek naar brutofotosythese en aktuele produktie van een populierenopstand MSc H. Challa Not mentioned
10.11.2010 Agro-Ecological Impact Assessment of the Karnataka State Policy of Organic Farming (KSPoOF) in Five Districts of Karnataka State, India MSc Lin Shang-Jung Pytrik Reidsma, Dr. Seema Purushothaman
28.09.2012 A framework for assessment of institutional feasibility of climate adaptation: a case study on agriculture in Flevoland MSc Kiki Kartikasari Pytrik Reidsma, Maryia Mandryk, Bas Arts
31.12.1973 A model for simulating elementary root functioning MSc M.G. Keizer Not mentioned
28.02.2018 Stomatal conductance and chlorophyll fluorescence of oil palm under field conditions MSc Dhimas H. Putranto Maja Slingerland; Lotte Suzanne Woittiez
31.12.1977 Larvale groei en ontwikkeling bij Tribolium castaneum MSc Frances Carrière-Boon P. Stam, Jan Goudriaan
07.04.2017 Let her decide; a decision tree for Conservation agriculture in smallholder farmer’s system in Africa MSc Kamran Taherkhani Ken Giller, Stephen Twomlow (IFAD)
28.01.2011 Jatropha curcas L. development explained by soil nutrient status MSc José María Albéniz Larrauri Maja Slingerland, Raymond Jongschaap
31.10.1973 Simulation of7 zinc migration in .a sandy soil MSc Jan M. C. Dirven and Koos van Staveren Mr. M.J. Frissel
14.03.2018 Analysing the Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Management on Recovery and Physiological Efficiency in Maize: A Meta-Analysis MSc Marleen Hermelink Martin van Ittersum, Hein ten Berge.
10.09.2010 Effects of agri-environment schemes on agricultural inputs and outputs including biodiversity in The Netherlands MSc Rita Sumoah Pytrik Reidsma
30.11.1977 Populatiegroei van Sitobion avenae F. op wintertarwe MSc Frances Carrière-Boon Rudy Rabbinge
16.08.2016 Understanding drivers behind the implementation and adaptation of improved climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) adaptation of improved climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) technologies by smallholder farmers in Kapchorwa district, Eastern Uganda MSc Laurie van Reemst E. Ronner, J. van Heerwaarden
29.12.2017 Conservation Agriculture cannot transform Malawi Agriculture MSc Tristin Bouwman Ken Giller, Jens Andersson
30.06.1973 Simulation of competition between two parasites on one host MSc A.B.A.M. Baudoin Not mentioned
30.09.2007 Fodder legumes to reduce feed deficit of dairy cows during the hot dry season: A feeding trial under farming conditions in Koutiala, Mali. MSc Yann Vetois Dr. Ir. Nico de Ridder, Ir. Mariana Rufino
29.05.2018 Deploying indicators to measure the impact of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt disease in Uganda MSc Harmen den Braber Katrien Descheemaeker
17.12.2010 Assessment of differentiated farm performances of arable farms in Flevoland and the Netherlands MSc Domna Tzemi Maryia Mandryk, Paul Berentsen, Martin van Ittersum
31.12.1977 A theoretical approach to calculate the anaerobic volume fraction in aerated soil in view of denitrification MSc Peter A. Leffelaar Jan Goudriaan, Herman van Keulen
16.08.2016 Baseline study for implementation of best management practices (BMPs) by oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) smallholders in the village of Ramin, Jambi, Indonesia MSc Laurie van Reemst Maja Slingerland, Lotte Woittiez
01.09.2017 Living with climate variability: an analysis of food availability and coping strategies amongst farm households in Uganda MSc Christiana Oragbade Jannike Wichern, Katrien Descheemaeker
19.08.2011 Towards increased adoption of grain legumes among Malawian farmers - Exploring opportunities and constraints through detailed farm characterization MSc Greta van den Brand Linus Franke, Jerry van Dijk (UU), Daniel van Vugt
30.04.1972 Literatuur onderzoek naar de groeifactoren van denitrificerende bacteriën ten-behoeve MSc A.P. van Loon C.T. de Wit
30.09.2007 SPATIO-TEMPORAL ANALYSIS OF FEED RESOURCE AVAILABILITY AND NUTRIENT TRANSFERS THROUGH ANIMAL MANAGEMENT: A case study of smallholder farming system in Murewa, Zimbabwe. MSc Dury Jérôme Ir. Mariana Rufino, Dr. Ir. Mark van Wijk, Dr. Ir. Alexander Wezel
30.06.2017 An evaluation of the nitrogen surplus indicator for suppliers of agricultural products to Unilever MSc Bas Mertens Gerrie van de Ven, Ken Giller
30.11.1977 Introduction of inherited reduces fertility in a population of the onion fly, Hylemyia antiqua (Meigen), using translocations; a simulation study MSc G.A. Pak C. de Jonge, M. Sabelis, A.S. Robinson, G. Zurlini, R. Rabbinge
29.11.2013 Opens in new WindowPublication: Technology evaluation, development and transfer: a case study in the Ethiopian Rift Valley MSc Jiska van Vliet Katrien Descheemaeker, Frédéric Baudron
31.12.1972 A simulation model of the combined transport of water and heat produced by a thermal gradient in porous media MSc Th.J.M. Blom and S.R. Troelstra Not mentioned
30.06.2007 Cattle feeding strategies and manure management in smallholder farms of western Kenya MSc Antonio Castellanos Navarrete Pablo Tittonell, Mariana Rufino, Ken E. Giller
30.10.2017 Nitrogen and energy use efficiency of biogas residues in a fertilization trial with three winter wheat cultivars in Italy MSc Ludovica Zampieri Gerrie van de Ven, Bert Rijk
31.01.1977 Orientatie betreffende produktie en kwaliteitsaspecten van stalmest MSc M.R. Rietveld Not mentioned
01.04.2015 Application of SWAP-WOFOST to evaluate the influence of water and oxygen stress on potato yield in a Dutch farm MSc Yulin Yan Pytrik Reidsma, Joop Kroes
31.12.1971 de fotosynthetische capaciteit MSc M. Tollenaar Not mentioned
30.08.2017 How does Conservation Agriculture contribute to sustainable agricultural production systems? MSc Pim Vingerhoets Gerrie van de Ven, Conny Almekinders
27.08.2018 Spatial and temporal analysis and explanation of potato variability MSc Rick Rasenberg Pytrik Reidsma, Edwin van den Heuvel
30.06.1977 Simulatie van konkurrentie tussen roofmijtsoorten om één voedselbron MSc Peter de Ruiter Not mentioned
14.10.2013 Jatropha curcas L. accessions in central-Java, Indonesia; A selection for future breeding programs. MSc Clint Scholten J.Tjeuw, M.Slingerland
17.09.2018 Trade-off analysis of integrating legumes in East-African maize cropping systems MSc Paul Ravensbergen Renske Hijbeek
20.06.2011 Crop residue management and farm productivity in smallholder crop-livestock system of dry land North Wollo, Ethiopia MSc Hailu Diressie Mark T. van Wijk, Diego Valbuena Vargas
31.12.1971 dynamics of leaf growth in maize MSc J.Nick Gallagher and Henk Lof Not mentioned
22.08.2018 Pesticide use: crop management, yield and environmental impact on potato fields in the Netherlands MSc Vania Beltran Guzman Pytrik Reidsma, Juliana Gil, Joao Silva
23.11.2012 Model development of the water balance of first year Tilia (Tilia europaea ‘Pallida’ L.) grown in ‘Dutch U system’ MSc Jasper van der Pijl Peter Leffelaar, Annette Pronk, Henk van Reuler
31.12.1975 Verslag van de werkzaamheden aan het computermodel van de populatieontwikkeling van Panonychus ulmi en Amblyseius potentillae MSc Tonny Wijnen, Cok Scheewe Rudy Rabbinge
23.09.2015 Explaining yield gaps on a Dutch potato farm: Case study at van den Borne Aardappelen MSc Jarno Rietema Pytrik Reidsma, João Vasco Silva
12.09.2006 A Simple Spatial Multi-scale Model of Small-holder Systems in Southern Mali MSc Dirk van Apeldoorn Herman van Keulen, Kasper Kok
31.10.1977 Autoecologisch onderzoek aan Schoenefeldia gracilis, Borreria radiata en Digtaria exilis onder geconditioneerde omstandigheden MSc Matthijs C Spittel Wim Elberse, Henk, Breman, Hr van den Bergh
15.07.2016 Improving crop classification with landscape stratification based on MODIS-time series MSc Bart C.H. Driessens A.G.T. Schut & L. Kooistra
29.06.2012 Identification of Potential Niches for Soybean cultivation in Farming systems of Eastern and Southern Rwanda MSc Myriam MujawamariYa Linus Franke
31.12.1975 Schattingen van de opbrengst van vlinderbloemigegewassen op de bodems van Nederland MSc J.C. Bokhorst Not mentioned
12.07.2018 Analysis of nitrogen and water use efficiencies of potato production with a field experiment in Haliar, Inner Mogolia, China MSc Xiaohan Zhou Na Wang, Pytrik Reidsma
31.12.2009 Assessing the impacts of agricultural intensification on biodiversity in Taihu lake basin, China: multi-scale and socio-ecological perspectives MSc Masayasu Asai Pytrik Reidsma
20.09.2016 Understanding light interception in the field for improved yield predictions MSc Cass Gooskens A.G.T. Schut, P.C.S. Traoré
05.06.2012 Measuring and modeling canopy photosynthesis MSc Alejandro Morales Sierra Peter Leffelaar, Francisco Villalobos
15.04.2011 Availability of animal feed resources at farm and village scale in Umurera, Rwanda MSc Lotte (C.J.) Klapwijk Mark van Wijk, Prof. Esron Munyanziza, Charles Bucagu
31.12.1975 Een simulatiemodel en enkele meetmethoden voor het onderzoek naar de temperatuursverdeling over en onder een niet-vlak-bodemoppervlak MSc Jan M.H. Hendrickx A.R.P Janse en Jan Goudriaan
28.02.2005 The suitability of the Bolovens Plateau, Lao PDR, for commercial forage seed production of two inter-specific Brachiaria hybrids, Mulato and Mulato 2 MSc Madeleen Husselman Ken Giller
12.05.2015 Exploring the potential for using seaweed (Ulva lactuca) as organic fertiliser MSc Mirjam Breure Leffelaar, PL, Brandenburg , W, Ven, van de GWJ
31.05.2006 Crop rotation considerations in bio-economic farm models: analysis and comparison of two methodologies MSc Dimitris Athanisadis Ir. G.D.H. Claassen, Sander Janssen
27.06.2012 A model of productivity for olive orchards MSc Alejandro Morales Sierra Peter Leffelaar, Francisco Villalobos
31.12.1975 Een model voor simulatie van wortelgroei en worteldistributie in het bodemprofiel met aandacht voor aeratie MSc Herman van Keulen F.W.T. Penning de Vries
31.12.2002 Soil fertility gradients in smallholder farms of western Kenya. Their origin, magnitude and importance. MSc Pablo Tittonell Ken Giller
30.04.2014 Nutritional and soil fertility benefits: influence of fertilizers on groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) yield and soil nitrogen contribution for smallholder farmers in Uganda MSc Taruvinga Badza Franke, A, Giller, KE, Ebanyat, P
31.10.2000 Using the WAVE model for quantified fertiliser use analysis; a case study for mixed farming systems MSc Marie-Anne Backx Harry Booltink, Martin van Ittersum, Herman van Keulen and Egbert Lantinga
10.12.2016 Evaluation of biomass enhancing practices in the Yatenga region of Burkina Faso MSc Jori Bremer Katrien Descheemaeker, Wim Paas
04.03.2011 Multi-Criteria Impact Assessment of State Policy of Organic Farming in two districts of Karnataka, India MSc Chisato Maeda Pytrik Reidsma, Martin K. van Ittersum, Dr. Seema Purushothaman
30.06.1975 Experimentation and simulation of the transpiration coefficient in containers, second year. AND .Botanical composition of pasture MSc Jan Lamers Not mentioned
28.02.2016 Analysing the relationship between stem density and potato yield MSc Ruud Venner Pytrik Reidsma
18.08.2014 Nutrient deficiencies and soil fertility constraints for common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) production in the Usambara Mountains, northern Tanzania MSc Elise Bressers Ken E. Giller, A Franke, P. Ndakidemi
02.12.2008 Analysing Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics in soybean-based cropping systems in the Brazilian Cerrados MSc Laura Battle Bayer Prem Bindraban, Peter Leffelaar
05.10.2012 Estimating the yield-gap of winter wheat in Shandong province by using a consistent global protocol MSc Ming Lu Martin van Ittersum
16.11.2011 Understanding the current role of legumes and their significance for Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF) in smallholder farming systems of Zimbabwe MSc Brenda Tsungai Manenji Linus Franke
31.12.1975 Een populatieprogramma voor Vasetes spp. (Acarina : Eriophyidae) : een alternatieve prooi voor Amblyseius potentillae Garman (Acarina : Phytoseiidae MSc J. Mols Not mentioned
29.08.2013 Investigating soybean market situation in Western Kenya: constraints and opportunities for smallholder producers MSc Robin N. Collombet Esther Ronner, Freddy Baijukya. Ken E. Giller
10.07.2013 Agronomic and symbiotic characteristics of chickpea, Cicer arietinum (L.), as influenced by Rhizobium inoculation and phosphorus fertilization under farming systems of Wolaita area, Ethiopia MSc Ibsa Aliyi Abdula Katrien Descheemaeker, Ken Giller, Endlakachew Wolde-meskel
03.12.2009 Data Thijs van den Bergh MSc Thijs van den Bergh not known (October 2018)
31.07.1975 Analyse van concurrentie en preferentie verschijnselen MSc Peter Mols, Mous Sabelis Rudy Rabbinge, Jan Goudriaan
11.04.2016 Yield gaps in Romania MSc Richard Knol René Schils
28.10.2016 Where to grow potatoes MSc Bianca Doevendans Gerrie van de Ven, Pytrik Reidsma, Sjaak Aben
04.10.2004 Water uptake by wheat roots MSc Jantine Bokhorst Jan Vos, Peter Leffelaar
08.12.2016 Assessing the economic and environmental effects of land exchange on arable farms using a regional bio-economic model MSc Kohji Nakasaka Pytrik Reidsma, Argyris Kanellopoulos
24.09.2012 A framework for assessment of institutional feasibility of climate adaptation: a case study on agriculture in Flevoland MSc Kiki Kartikasari Pytrik Reidsma, Maryia Mandryk
30.08.2011 Characterisation of Bean Farming Systems Across Farm Types in Northern and Eastern Rwanda MSc Mortiz Reckling Linus Franke, Bernard Vanlauwe
31.12.1975 biologische bestrijding van het fruitspint Panonychus ulmi (Acarina:Tetranychidae MSc Peter Mols Rudy Rabbinge
18.04.2016 Explaining yield gaps of cereals in temperate regions using an expert-based survey MSc Emilio Lopez-Porrero Pytrik Reidsma, Sander de Vries
06.02.2017 Determining potential yields of cereals using variety trial data across Europe MSc Luuk Lageschaar René Schils, Lenny van Bussel
31.01.1975 De invloed van de zuurstofconcentratie inde bodem op de wortelgroei in het Elementary Rootfunction Model MSc L.K. Pleysier Not mentioned
26.05.2016 Mitigation of the climate change effect on yields of smallholder farmers in Nkayi, Zimbabwe MSc Gert-Jan Smelt Katrien Descheemaeker, Patricia Masikati (ICRAF)
27.11.2014 Land use and farming dynamics in a communal area in Zimbabwe between 1995 and 2010 MSc Abram het Lam Ken Giller, Jens A. Andersson
25.09.2013 First exploration of global phosphorus budgets in grasslands MSc Ruben Martinez Sheida Sattari, Lex Bouwman
31.05.2007 Chronosequence technique predicting the sequestration of carbon in the soil MSc Karst Brolsma Bram van Putten, Mark van Wijk
06.02.2017 Sustainability assessment of grain legume farming systems MSc Thomas van Duijvenboden Wytze Marinus, Gerrie van de Ven, Jan Hoekstra
24.09.2012 Farm characterisations in the southern and northern Guinea savannah zones of Nigeria MSc Samson Foli Linus Franke, Abdullahi Bala
31.12.1975 Simulatie van de inductie en beeindiging van de diapauze bij P. ulmi MSc R.H. de Reede Rudy Rabbinge
27.11.2014 The impact of climate and CO2 change on potential winter wheat yields in the Netherlands from 1981 to 2010 MSc Abram het Lam Martin van Ittersum, Bert Rijk
18.06.2018 Choices faced by researchers in pursuit of change MSc Sjoerd van Liempd Maja Slingerland , Katrien Descheemaeker
09.05.2007 Understanding landscape level carbon fluxes: an upscaling approach of two small scale models in an arctic lowland ecosystem, Alaska MSc Peter van Buuren Mark van Wijk, Nico de Ridder
27.11.2012 Response of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Pisum sativum L. to N and P fertilizers and inoculation with Rhizobium in Kenya MSc Frederik van der Bom Ken Giller
31.12.1975 Lichtonderschepping in een gewas met rijenstructuur MSc M.W. Sabelis Rudy Rabbinge en Jan Goudriaan
30.04.2016 Quantification of spatial variation caused by Messor galla ants using remote sensing in the Koutiala region, Mali. MSc Fréderíc de Schaetzen A.G.T. Schut, P.C.S. Traoré, I. Heitkoning
23.01.2016 Modeling the nitrogen uptake to balance lettuce and carp growth in an aquaponic system MSc Chiara Perini A.G.T. Schut, E. heuvelink
30.08.2016 Analysis of the impact of seed quality and seed management practices on the yield and quality of ware potatoes MSc Anton Bartelen Martin van Ittersum, Pytrik Reidsma, Joao Nunes Vieira da Silva
16.08.2006 Effects of population density, light intensity and nitrogen availability on morphological traits of spring wheat MSc Guillaume Castel Peter Leffelaar, Jochem Evers
17.03.2017 Smallholder oil palm: space for diversification? MSc D. Stomph Prof. Meine van Noordwijk, Dr Ni’matul Khasanah, Dr Antonius G.T. Schut
27.11.2012 Potato production and water use in Villa Dolores, Argentina MSc Sjaak Aben Gerrie van de Ven, Bert Rijk, Don Jansen
31.12.1975 Öko-physiologische Untersuchungen an Gräsern der Sahel-Zone und Simulation ihres Wachstums und Wasserhaushalts MSc Edeltrud Croy C.T. de Wit, U. Jensen
31.05.2016 What comes out, must go in: Macronutrient balance assessment of transitioning home garden systems in southern Ethiopia MSc Nadine Galle Gerrie van de Ven, Katrien Descheemaeker, Beyene Melisse, Erik Cammeraat
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